There's a science to powerful storytelling
and then there's powerful storytelling in science.

Photo51Media provides the oxygen for those powerful stories to be told, inspiring your audience to engage and react.

"There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you."

Zora Neale Hurston

Photo 51 Media was named after the X-Ray diffraction image, Photo 51 taken by Rosalind Franklin at Kings College in 1953, arguably the single most important scientific photograph in human biology due to its illuminating role in elucidating the structure of DNA. The controversial story of Photo 51 has been debated at length, a  Hollywood movie and a play have both attempted to set the record straight on the subterfuge surrounding the sequence of events leading up to Watson and Crick’s discovery of the photograph and its implication in solving one of life’s greatest mysteries. What is clear from the narrative is that often what we learn from scientific discoveries is contingent on who the storyteller is. Photo 51 is a story about serendipity, ethics, bias, egos and ultimately the need for collaborative science. Above all else, storytelling needs to be truthful and we must always acknowledge that we all stand on the shoulders of giants.

"Science stories can startle us with their strangeness, intrigue us by their originality, but reward us with the truth."

Adam Gopnik