Branding & Design

"Science is a complex discipline which requires a thoughtful approach to its translation. If science is to be made accessible then we need to educate through skillful design."
Andrew Jackson - Owner, Flair Creative Design

We often hear people talk about the ‘art of science’,  so it is no wonder that the need for visual storytelling with the use of sophisticated graphics has become an increasingly widespread discipline. Scientists need new ways to communicate often complex research to a broader audience. Although published work in journals will continue to be a traditional route in gaining recognition and securing grants, social media has become a very effective way of reaching a diverse and expansive audience. The skill of course, is being able to distill complex ideas into a communicable format whilst being mindful not to over- simplify the scientific context. Whether you’re trying to educate scientists or the public at large Photo51Media can work with you in storyboarding your concepts and ideas,  translating those into impactful visual graphics and animations for dissemination online or for your printed materials.

In addition, if you’re looking to create a new logo or maximise your branding in the life sciences market we can work with you to refresh an existing design or create something entirely new.

We began as print publishers so we know a thing or two about creating beautiful books and magazines – if you have any product launches or materials needed for upcoming conferences then we can execute on concept, content, design, print and delivery.