"If the narrative has no conviction, the audience has no conviction to act"
Damian Doherty - Founder Photo51Media

Treat it like a Keynote

Photo51Media specialises in providing a platform for health tech companies, health Institutions and Industry to reach a diverse audience through the medium of storytelling. Scientific evidence tells us that it works so we should be doing more of it. It is our belief that we need to encourage compelling and authentic storytelling around a new wave of technological advancements highlighting the potential applications across a spectrum of diseases. How do we educate the population at large on the promise of data driven medicine? How do we articulate what is a deeply complex landscape in an engaging, emotional and relatable fashion?

We are facilitating this through a series of webinars focusing on precision medicine, digital health, blockchain and AI and the potential these nascent areas will have for future successful models of healthcare. If you have a  collaborative story centred on your technology and its application in delivering new insights into disease, then we’d like to hear from you.

We will help you produce webinars that won’t flatline and more importantly will be retained long after the story is told. We will promote and market the narrative to our database of industry professionals and work with you in delivering 60 minutes of high quality content to an audience that wants to listen.

For more details on our ‘Phenomenal Webinar Series‘ please get in touch.